Thank you, Mark Gunn ​chiropractor for dealing with my shoulder and its nonsense this year, even when I didn't have an appointment.

​             -Elisa Werderman

I'm married to the guy, so take that into consideration with this review.  But I have to say, having had zero experience with chiropractors before marrying into this family, I am now addicted.  My husband's profession has been a huge blessing to me and our children; treating our general aches and pains as well as colds and injuries.  Honestly, I go to him first whenever any ailment comes up, and I send all my family, friends, and doula clients to him as well.   He has always made a difference.

                                                                                                               - Allie Gunn (CD)DONA

 I saw Dr. Gunn and was pleasantly surprised. He did a fabulous job, head to toe (literally). He is committed to his craft and it shows! I had my husband book a Saturday morning appointment with Dr. Gunn. He was equally impressed. We both agreed - Dr. Gunn is the best we've ever experienced. And we've seen many over the years.

Pros: Great service, great price and Dr. Gunn!
Cons: Hmmmm....can't think of any :-)

I'm a believer in chiropractic care and I highly recommend Dr. Gunn.



Dr. Mark Gunn is an amazing physician and chiropractor. He has treated me for many different injuries and I have found him to be confident and competent in all areas of treatment. I would recommend anyone and everyone I know to him with assurance that Dr. Gunn can and will treat them with respect and help them with rapid response.

                                                            - Dr. John Holland
I highly recommend Doctor Gunn! He is knowledgeable and skilled; a very effective chiropractor. "The Works Chiropractic" is a clean and professional office currently undergoing an impressive makeover. Go check it out!
​                                         - Carston Millward           

Dr. Mark Gunn is amazing. I had never been to a chiropractor and I did not like to get massages either. Within 15 minutes in his office I was like a new person. I will only let Dr. Gunn do any adjustments or massages. His office staff and the feel of the office is like no other. I am willing to bet he is the best in town and encourage all of you to visit him.
-Elizabeth Spoeneman 

I have been to a number of chiropractors over the years but Mark stands head and shoulders above them all. He actually cares about his patients; he takes time with them and he is a master of his profession. Just fixed up my impinged shoulder in 2 sessions. I would thoroughly recommend him!

                                                                           - Paul Ropner

 Thank u Mark Gunn for the best neck adjustment ever in my life, as always!!! Floating on a cloud right now.  :) 

                - Brianna Sandoval

I love Doctor Mark.

                                                         -Rachel Thomas

Great doctor, explains and treats patient as if own family member. Staff is very friendly. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
             - Susan
I felt much better after my appointment. My pain was greatly reduced. They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was very satisfied with my visit. They were helpful and I left feeling encouraged.
​                             - John B. K.
Dr. Gunn is awesome.  What a great doctor.  I have seen many chiropractors but none compare to him so far.  He's a totally chill guy who genuinely seemed to care for what was best for me.  Definitely returning.
        ​    - Demontre D.

Thank you for the adjustment today.  My ear is buzzing less!  I really appreciate your mad skills. 

                                              - Amber Hoyer Carr

I've never been to a chiropractor so this was my first experience. Dr. Gunn was great to work with. He made sure to explain everything to me because it was my first time and he made it comfortable and not awkward. The practice is clean, modern, and couldn't be more convenient to get to from most parts of the valley. I will definitely go back.
​                                               - Chris Larsen

Dr. Mark is phenomenal. As a fellow Chiropractor, I appreciate getting adjusted by the best.

                                                            - Dr. Ryan Curda D.C.

This is my second review for Dr. Gunn. I'm leaving this review because I wanted to update my earlier one from a while back.
As I said in my earlier review, I have planter fasciitis. Dr. Gunn has been treating it for the past few years now. Before, running wasn't really an option for me because it was just too painful. But after seeing Dr. Gunn and getting it treated regularly for the past few years, I've now gotten back into running. I've run 3 half marathons since summer 2015, I'm scheduled to do my 4th half marathon this December and my first full marathon in April 2017.
There's no other chiropractor I'd rather see and trust than Dr. Gunn

                                                                          - Kenneth Pavia

Dr. Gunn is an amazing Chiropractor. He took me on short notice and relieved my pain after only one adjustment. If you are looking for a competent and compassionate Chiropractor, he is your guy!
​                 - Michael Trimmell
They make an extra effort to communicate with their patients, and even updated me every time I visited about where I was at in the recovery process and how much progress I had made. It was encouraging to know how much recovery I was making at each appointment. Their office was one of the quietest, most peaceful places I've ever visited. I was able to relax very easily. The restrooms at this provider's office were clean and well-maintained. You could tell that they cleaned them regularly. They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed.
​                             - Madelaine
Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference.

Thank you for the adjustments and friendly service.

        - Paco Thomas

Dr. Gunn listened to me and was able to communicate everything I needed to know to help me get better and stay well. He gave me an excellent adjustment and did some extra adjustments to my foot. I felt better when I left and things have stayed good as I have followed his expert advice.
                                               - Danika 



 nutrition    massage

Dr. Gunn's treatment was absolutely amazing after a recent car accident. He was very friendly and welcoming, explaining the process as we went along. My fiance and I were both treated and have both been raving about it since! I'm hooked now and will be returning to see Dr. Gunn whenever I am in town.

​ - Renee R.

I have been to many chiropractors in my life.  Dr. Gunn is the best one I've ever worked with.  He is very knowledgable and talented.  He takes care of my whole family and has helped me many times after getting injured doing hard work and hard playing.  I trust him with my spine!         -Amanda Meadus

Dr Gunn spends time with you to help stretch out problem areas, so you can feel better faster. They have great specials on massages. Great location and is office is inviting. Good cash prices if you don't have insurance.

                                               Alex Tollstrup

These guys are the best!  Dr. Gunn is hands-down the best at what he does.  I've gone in with my back out of whack and gotten an adjustment, and my back was a million times better the next day.  I get my massages from Maureen.  She has excellent pressure, her massages are the best I've ever had.  She's really informative on how to help keep my muscles in good health and she's very thorough.  I'm so glad I found this place.     - Kelli Riggs

"Easy to make an appointment, great price, nice facility and office staff, excellent chiropractic provider.  He explained everything thoroughly, did lots of teaching with me, listened to me, and helped me feel so much better! "                            - Aly Booth

Dr Gunn is the best. I've been seeing him for several months as a regular part of my recovery routine. Therapeutic touch, clean facility, and Kimberly is my favorite! (She handles booking, etc.)

                                                            - Derek D.


Mark Gunn is the best; takes care of the whole family. Call Kim and make a appointment and definitely do the heat and electrode pads after. 

 -Kassandra Cheatwood-Adamson

I am in my third trimester and Dr. Gunn and the massage therapist at The Works have made a HUGE difference in how I feel. Hip and sciatic pain episodes are much fewer and much less painful since I have started going.
​                               -Julianne J.

Great care for those aches and pains that come with life. Head ache free tonight after a week & a half of suffering. Thank you Dr. Gunn & the amazing Marie his massage therapist.

                                                             - Glenda Staples

"I've never seen anyone who is more respected by their staff. The entire staff only had great things to say about working there, and it made me want to return all the more. I was amazed at how wonderfully he treated each of his staff members. They were so appreciative and thankful. I've never seen any employer treat their staff better, and it made me want to come back that much more. He's never been late to any of my appointments. I've even showed up early sometimes and he's always been ready and prepared. He does such a great job of never overbooking appointments. I've never had to wait a long time in a crowded waiting room like other places I've been too. I felt that he really valued my health and happiness because he followed up even after my appointment just to check up on me. It was such a nice gesture that made a huge difference."
​                                                                                                       - Kathleen

The staff at The Works are competent, friendly and professional!  My wife,  child and I come to be adjusted frequently and always leave feeling rejuvenated.  Dr. Mark is The Man, and not just because he has an awesome name.  I can see myself coming back for years to come.

                                    - Mark H.

"Dr. Gunn is one of the best chiropractors I have been to. He has treated me for a variety of injuries and conditions, and have yet to find an area of pain that he cannot help with. As a frequent migraine sufferer, Dr Gunn's adjustments have been the most effective in reducing my pain. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable and competent chiropractor with excellent bedside manner then Dr Gunn is the right choice."
                                                                  - Kevin Morgan

Dr. Gunn and his staff were amazing. They got me in with 5 minutes notice and gave me royal treatment. Dr. Gunn went way beyond the normal adjustment to include stretching my neck, massaging out the knots in my shoulders, and putting Bio Freeze on my neck after the heat treatment. I highly recommend The Works Chiropractic...they stand by their name.

                                                                   - John Davis

Dr. Gunn got me back in posture after a fall.  Those healing hands of his worked miracles for my back pain.          

     - Michael Allen Gray

Dr. Gunn is amazing! I've been in the military since 2003. Part of that includes a break in service with the Army in order to enlist into the Marine Corps a few years ago where I unfortunately developed planter fasciitis in both of my feet. The USMC gave me a medical discharge from boot camp. I found Dr. Gunn almost a year after (around March 2014) where I began treating it, and having suffered with planter fasciitis for a good amount of time, it was (honestly) painful at first. However, immediately after the treatments, my feet felt much better and felt like I had just been through a foot massage. I saw him once a week for treatments for many months. Now, here in Jan 2015, I was able to re-enlist back into the Army National Guard, am able to run and perform my PT tests without any issue and play basketball. If you suffer from planter fasciitis, Dr. Gunn is my most definite recommendation.

                                                                       - Kenneth Pavia

I love the adjustments I receive here.  They always provide me with the relief I'm looking for.  Do yourself a favor and see foryourself.                                          - Carlee Josephson

Mark is thorough, attentive, and personal.  We started going to his practice four years ago when I was pregnant with my last baby on a recommendation.  We were sold from the moment we walked in.  He adjusts our whole family from infant to parent and he is very skilled.  We see him more often than any other practitioner and he is aware of all our issues and needs.  I can't say enough good things about Mark!        -Catherine Olsen

So far I have really liked this chiropractor. He seems like he knows his stuff and is honest with me and my family. He seems to want to provide quality care but he doesn't push anything on you. He gives his recommendations and let's you decide. I would recommend him to family and friends. My jaw was hurting for months and after 2 visits my jaw was almost 100% better. My wife, me and our daughter (11 months old) are his patients and we will keep going to him indefinitely.
                                                           - Jarom Taylor

Dr. Gunn has been a miracle worker for me this pregnancy. Not only is my body actually able to function after each visit, but there's been a marked improvement overall. The rates are so reasonable that I've been able to get as much help as I need. It's even better with the doula discount! I'd recommend them to anyone.                                                                                                                                 - Kasaundra Meza Trout