Athletes across the globe chose regular chiropractic care as a part of their healthcare regime. John Stockton, Michael Jordon, Jerry Rice, Johnny Damon, Evander Holyfield, and Usain Bolt are a few well-known advocates.  Regular chiropractic care keeps your body limber and your nervous system firing like it was built to; allowing you to make the most of yourself.

Should injury occur?  The Works is a great place to set up your recovery program.  Dr. Gunn has worked with NFL football players, college baseball players, and many other athletes.  He grew up heavily involved in athletics and uses that knowledge and expertise to get his patients to the top of their game.

Millions of people experience debilitating injuries in automobile accidents each year.  Specifically in 2012,2.36 millionpeople, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, the average person out of that two million paid around $15,000 to treat their injuries.

At The Works, we are familiar with these injuries.  Dr. Gunn has seen great success treating soft tissue injuries of the neck, knee, back, and more.  He uses a hands-on, natural process that will ease your body back to its better days.  The chiropractic treatment is gradual in order to give your body time to accept the new positioning and hold it; but even so it is quicker than surgery and significantly less money.

Car Accidents

Absolutely. Dr. Gunn has treated patients with fused discs, knee replacements, hip replacements, and more.  Adjustments can help restore movement and break up scar tissue.

If you are considering surgery, please wait!  Try us first.  Dr. Gunn wiill give you a thorough evaluation, including x-rays.  Chiropractic care has no side effects and costs significantly less.  It's worth a shot!

I've had surgery.  Can I still get adjusted?

A creaky knee, a sore throat, headaches; these symptoms are your body's way of communicating with you.  Something is indeed wrong; but it is something your body can handle.  With the nutrition at our fingertips these days, your body has what it needs to heal itself. Choosing the best foods possible will fill your body with those tools; and then caring for your nervous system through skilled chiropractic care will keep your immune system firing at top speed.

Dr. Gunn has had much success treating strep throat, ear infections, sore joints, disc bulges, sciatic pain, rotator cuff injuries, TMJ, carpal tunnel, plantar fascia, sinus problems, and more.  He familiarizes himself with your symptoms and then works to identify the cause. Through regular adjustments he increases the blood flow and keeps your nervous system from getting kinked; allowing it to operate in peak condition.

Sports Injuries



 nutrition    massage

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.

                 - American ChiropracticAssociation

Monthly chiropractic care clears out your system and promotes health.  Your body is a unique blend of chemical and mechanical structures; each are affected by the release of toxins and adjusting of the frame caused by regular chiropractic care.  Coming in to The Works Chiropractic is a preventative tactic that will help combat illness and save you money.  

Dr. Gunn is a third generation chiropractor; well-acquainted with the healthy lifestyle regular chiropractic care creates.  He was raised knowing that health is a mechanical issue as well as a chemical one, and utilized this as he excelled in his schooling at Southern California University of Health Sciences.  He graduated Suma Cum Laud, has spent his years since increasing his knowledge and fine-tuning his skills.  Dr. Gunn uses a lifetime of experience in his daily work.

Let The Works help your body achieve its full potential.


What about young and old people?

Can they get adjusted?  Absolutely.  Dr. Gunn has had patients from 1 day old up to 98 years old.  He tailors each treatment to the condition and type of body; football players and infants are vastly different, but both have had great results with Dr. Gunn.


Pregnancy and Infant Care

Dr Gunn
How does that work?

"Popping my back helps my kidneys?"  It's not crazy ... it's science.  Try out our interactive spine to see how our chiropractic doctor  connects it all:

frozen shoulder

bulging discs

ear infections

carpel tunnel





plantar fascia

back pain


breech babies

back pain

rotator cuff


sprained ankle

muscle strain/pull

golfer's elbow

tennis elbow

knee pain/sprain




What is
Dr. Gunn's training?

Pregnancy and birth pull on both mother and child's spine.  For the mother; her body temporarily takes on a new shape, causing all kinds of side effects.  Nausea and discomfort can be affected with regular chiropractic care.  The length and ease of labor is also affected; Dr. Gunn is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a move that creates more room in your pelvis, allowing your child to find the easiest way out.  This technique has also been known to help flip breech babies.

During the process of birth itself, your baby is twisted and turned as he or she makes their entrance into this world.  Sometimes an OB does a little extra twisting, and your baby's tiny frame can easily be tweaked.  Most commonly, this causes discomfort and trouble eating. Regular chiropractic care can help your child's rapidly-growing body in a multitude of ways.

3rd generation chiropractor

​Undergraduate studies at Utah State University

​3 years as a Chiropractic Assistant

1 year as an intern at Southern California University of Health Sciences

1 year as an intern at Holland Chiropractic

Doctorate of Chiropractic ​

at Southern California University of Health Sciences

-Summa Cum Laude-

2 years as an Associate Doctor at Holland Chiropractic

​Certified in the

 Graston Technique

Certified in the

Kinesio Technique

Certified in the

Webster Technique